40 Years of History - Vern 'The Voice' Gosdin

Vern Gosdin History

Below you will find the complete history behind Vern Gosdin's 4 decade long career as America's finest Country music singer.

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Set 'Em Up Joe

 Set Em Up Joe

Ernest Tubb and a young Vern GosdinErnest Tubb, The Texas Troubadour was a great influence on The Voice and in 1988, Vern paid homage to his hero by releasing Set 'Em Up Joe on the LP record Chiseled in Stone. Set 'Em Up Joe was a tribute to Ernest Tub's classic hit song titled Walking The Floor Over You. (Scroll down to see the video)


It was Vern Gosdin's second number one hit on the Billboard Country Charts after 1983's I Can Tell By The Way You Dance. Set Em Up Joe shot straight to No.1 and spent a total of fifteen weeks on the Top 40 charts. In 2010, proving it's timelessness, this great Country Music Classic was re-recorded by Jamey Johnson on his hit album, The Guitar Song.

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Awards and Credits

The Voice of Country Music left a trail of merits and praise after his passing on April 28, 2009. See a complete list of Vern Gosdin awards.

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Chiseled In Stone

 Chiseled in Stone Gold RecordChiseled In Stone was released by The Voice in 1988 on the LP  Chiseled in Stone.

This classic Country song was produced by the legendary Bob Montgomery who wrote songs for Buddy Holly and produced records for Marty Robbins among others. (Scroll down to see the video)



Chiseled in Stone also features the beautiful pedal steel of Sonny Garrish. The wine and twist of his playing expresses all the pain and pathos of Chiseled in Stone while letting Vern Gosdin's powerfully Voice ring through and true.

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The Gosdin Brothers

~ Gosdin Brothers's ~

The Gosdin Brother, Vern and RexDespite a strong association with the Byrds , the Gosdin Brothers' progressive blend of bluegrass and country-rock never found its way to a popular audience, though Vern Gosdin would laterbecome one of country's more acclaimed vocalists.

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Billboard Charts

The Voice has been heard on Radio for 4 decades. See a complete list of Billboard charts for Vern Gosdin's amazing career.

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Vern Gosdin Discography

Vern Gosdin released an impressive list of LPs, Cassettes, 8 tracks, B Sides, Duets, Cameos, CDs and MP3s and you can see it all here

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